Food and toys at Christmas time for Chicago’s neediest families

Santa’s Volunteers is a grassroots, non-profit organization that purchases and delivers food, warm clothes, blankets, and toys to thousands of our poor neighbors in the Chicago area at Christmas. We are unique in that every penny donated goes straight to the purchasing of the toys, knit goods, and food—nothing goes to administrative expenses, which are all personally paid by our directors. We work with social service agencies and religious organizations to find the families that are most in need.

Each family gets two big bags of groceries—a 15-lb. turkey or two canned hams, cranberry sauce, peaches, vegetables, cookies, muffins, mints, and more—plus a gift certificate for even more groceries. They get another bag full of new, warm things to wear or blankets, and if they have children, there will be toys, games, and stuffed animals to hand out.