Please make a tax deductible donation to Santa’s Volunteers using your credit card or bank account with PayPal or mailing to the address listed below. You can also use the matching gift form to encourage your employer to add their contribution. Even the smallest gift will make a difference in somebody’s life. Larger gifts will make a difference to whole families.

We’ll multiply the value of your donation by getting big discounts from good-hearted suppliers. Look at how much your donation will buy:

  • $300 buys groceries for six families
  • $250 buys groceries, knit goods and food certificates for two families
  • $200 buys groceries and food certificates for two families
  • $150 buys everything for an entire family
  • $100 buys groceries, food certificates and more for an entire family
  • $50 buys groceries for an entire family

Mail Your Donation
Santa’s Volunteers
1001 Green Bay Road, Box 167
Winnetka, IL 60093

Remember: Every penny you give will go to the families who need it. Nothing goes to pay for administrative expenses, which are paid by our directors themselves.